Friday, 28 April 2017

Use Electronic Signatures Instead of Physical Signatures

An electronic signature can be used instead of an actual pen to sign any type of document irrespective of the fact whether it is encrypted or not yes this is too good to be true. After the document is signed there is a digital certificate that’s issued at the time of sending the document and can be used to verify that the document is real or not.

The method for sending the message is really simple firstly you need to attach the message or the document to the email-note and then you’ll receive a hash which is basically a summary of the message you’ll be sending all with the help of the software. After this a private key is used to encrypt this particular hash and accordingly there you have it the electronic signature of the message. After this the receiver of the message also makes a hash of the message after which like the latter uses a public key for interpreting the message accordingly. When the hashes are match then the message is valid if not the message isn’t valid. The usefulness of this method has attracted many organizations in the implementing electronic signature all because of its ease of use and reliability.

What this has done is that its really pushed businesses to invest efficiently on new technology and tools to increase their profits and getting an increased ROI. Since the e-signatures is a means which has helped businesses streamline their business processes and utilize this cost-effective tool using which organizations can easily achieve more profits with lesser investments.

Original Resource:- Why Use a Pen When You Can Use an Electronic Signature Instead!


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